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WELCOME TO BALI “ The Island of Thousand Temples “

Hopefully, we are all bestowed with brilliant light of God’s guidance in carrying our duties and obligations in daily life.

Say ‘Bali’, and most Westerners think of paradise and rampant tourism. Bali offers plenty of both and much more. This image of Bali as a tropical paradise dates back to Western visitors in the 1930s and this image has been cultivated by the international tourism industry.

Bali is a good candidate for paradise- so picturesque it could be a painted backdrop, with rice paddies tripping down hillside like giant steps, volcanoes rising up through the clouds, lush tropical jungle, long sandy beaches and warm blue water. But Bali’s landscape is more than a backdrop, it’s imbued with spiritual significance and form a part of the rich cultural life of the Balinese, whose natural grace fits the image of how people should live in paradise.

Learning a deeply Hindu culture and tradition, The Balinese always link the spiritual relationships between God, Human being, and environment. Balinese traditions are expressed through looking after the nature, theatres, arts sculptures and temples etc.

So, during you are in Bali, let’s take you to celebrate Bali as a paradise of not only stunning natural wonders, but also unique culture and art to explore. So whether you want to explore the hidden waterfalls in the north, or visit traditional villages in the center, or immerse yourself in the beauty of south Bali’s legendary sunset, or observe the wealth of the island’s underwater life in the east, or join the underwater activities in the south, you’ll find Bali unique holiday destination that’s it all.



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