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Bali Full Day Besakih Temple Tours

Bali Full Day Besakih Temple Tours

Tours Iteneraries:

  1. Tohpati Village
    Tohpati is located in Denpasar municipality about 12km from Kuta, and it’s famous for Bali’s Batik production center.

Let’s visit to see all the process of designing, waxing, dyeing  and drying the material until they get an excellent complete result.

  1. Pura Besakih
    This is Bali’s largest and most important place of worship, often referred to as the “ Mother Temple “, Pura Besakih began as an ancient terraced mountain sanctuary as early as the 8th century AD. Over time it was enlarged, until it grew to its present size of more than 30 public temples with hundreds of shrines, most of which were added between the 14th and 18th centuries. From the 5th to the 17th centuries, Pura Besakih became the state sanctuary of the Gelgel dynasty. Today, the temple is overseen by the descendants of the Klungkung royal family who are direct heirs of the Gelgel kingdom.In 1917, Pura Besakih was almost leveled by a massive earthquake and was rebuilt. In 1963, however the temple miraculously suffered minimal damage during the eruption of Gunung Agung, even though it is located only 6 km from the crater.Within the complex is the all important Pura Penataran Agun, built on a series of terraces. A long flight of steps lead to an austere Candi Bentar (split gate) made of granite. The setting is magnificent, with peak of Gunung Agung looming overhead and panoramic views of south Bali below. Non-worshipers are not allowed into the temple even if properly dressed, but one can see the inner sanctum through the gates or by walking around the complex and peering over the walls.Inside the main courtyard, which interestingly is not the highest one, is a large Padmasana Tiga (triple lotus shrines) of dark volcanic stone with three high seats on a single base for enthroning three aspects of the supreme God: Siwa, Sadasiwa, Paramasiwa. Many Balinese interpret this shrine as the more familiar Hindu trinity of Brahma, Wisnu, and Siwa.The main festival at Pura Besakih, Betara Turun Kabeh, when God descend together, takes place during the full moon in March or April. Thousands of worshipers come by bus and truck loades from all over Bali during this 11 day event.
  1. Bukit Jambul
    Bukit Jambul is located Pesaban Village, Rendang Sub District, Karang Asem. It offers a blend of natural beauty with rolling hills, rice fields, valleys, and the sea panorama. This beautiful destination will be automatically passed after visiting Kerta gosa in Klungkung and than the journey will be continued to explore the  country side of Rendang before reaching the Mother Temple of Besakih or vice-versa.
  1. Taman Gili In Klungkung
    Klungkung is also known as Semarapura is a district capital and an important trading point on the road to east of Bali.The most important historic site in Klungkung is a pair of pavilions set in an ornamental moat known as Taman Gili, built originally in the early 18th century, Taman Gili (moated garden) is what remains of Klungkung’s royal palace, most of which was destroyed in 1908 during the Dutch conquest. The main features are two raised open meeting halls or Bale with intricately painted ceilings. The paintings have undergone restoration and repainting several times in the last hundred years, but remain fine examples of the wayang style, in which the figures resemble shadow puppets. Bale Kerta Gosa,  (pavilion of Peace and Prosperity) to the right of the main entrance has exquisite examples of painting and architecture in the traditional Klungkung style.The adjacent Bale Kambang, (Floating Pavilion) built in the middle of a pond, was mainly used by the royal family as a place to rest and be entertained. The ceiling painting shows Balinese astrological signs along with the Buddhist tales of the Men Brayut family, with 18 children, and the bodhisattva Sutasoma battling demons
  1. Goa Lawah – Bat Cave
    Thought to be more than 1.000 years ago, Goa Lawah, the main feature of the temple is a cave inhabited by tens of thousands of fruit bats. The walls of the cave literally vibrate with them-their bodies packed so close together that the upper surface of the cave resembles undulating mud. Local legend has it that the cave stretches  some 30 km back into the mountain, as far as Besakih and occasionally a python, believed to be a manifestation of the mythological underworld serpent Basuki appear and feeds on them. In 2004 one of the snake died and was respectfully cremated.Lining the entrance is several small shrines covered with smelly bat droppings. The temple is very important for post-cremation rites; on the beach across the street, the soul is called in from the sea and a container is symbolically filled with seawater and brought to the cave. After rituals are performed, it’s then brought to Pura Dalem Puri, which is part of the Pura Besakih complex
  1. Kusamba Village
    Leave klungkung and head towards the coast at Kusamba where numerous colourful Jukung or fishing outriggers with painted faces line the black-sand shores of its beach. A part from fishing, salt production is the other main activity in this region, evidenced by the thatched huts and wooden trough lined up along isolated stretches of the beach near Kusamba and sections of the northeastern coast around Amed and Tianyar. To produce salt, villager splash seawater onto plots of sand, a process repeated many time. The dense salt-infused sand is then placed in conical wooden vats in the thatched huts and seawater is poured over it. Concentrated salt water filters into pots and is then poured into long wooden troughs outside to partially evaporate into sludge. The wet crystals are then scooped into bamboo baskets to let the liquid drain out then and left to dry completely.

Bali Full Day Besakih Tours Saver Price:

  • USD 55.00 / car (1 to 6 persons)


  • Air conditioning vehicle
  • Professional and English speaking driver
  • Sarong for visiting temple
  • Cold mineral water
  • Cold face towel


  • Hotel Pick Time at 08.30 – 09.00 am
  • Tour duration for 10 hours
  • Time and tourist destination is subject to change based on your request
  • Pick up areas, Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Denpasar, Benoa habour, Airport
  • The tour is private , means there is no one else in the same car except you and your colleagues
  • Please use our contact form to send us message or asking information or make a tour booking inquiry

Terms of Payment:

  • Payment is made through Bank transfer
  • Cancellation that is made one day before the tour will be charged 50% from the total price
  • No show will be charged full price.

  • Kusamba Village
  • Goa Lawah
  • Bukit Jambul
  • Tohpati Village
  • Taman Gili Klungkung